agricultural application of lapolla

Agricultural Insulation


Climate change is a serious concern for all agriculture businesses. It is a global problem that is having profound effects on the way we grow, harvest, store and manufacture food products. Even the type of crops that we grow in each region is beginning to change.

While there is not much farmers can do by themselves to control the weather, they can at least make sure that their indoor climates are as efficient as possible. Such areas include barns, warehouses, stables, sheds and garages. Insutec are leading spray foam specialists and can help you reduce your energy bills by 45%

Advantages of agricultural insulation

  • More comfortable environment for workers
  • A more comfortable and stable environment for livestock
  • Longevity of machinery and improves cold starting
  • Reduces risk of illness and other health problems in livestock
  • Reduces enrgy costs
  • Reduces impact on climate change
  • Improves the integrity of your building

Agricultural Insulation with Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

How Lapolla Open Cell Spray Foam Works.

Lapolla expands to fill every available space completely, forming a continuous layer of insulation and preventing thermal leaks. This provides you with more efficient temperature control, saving you up to 45% on your energy bills.

Lapolla is especially suited to agricultural use due to its properties of moisture resistance and durability. Lapolla eliminates condensation entirely and in doing so protects your livestock, crops and machinery.

By completely sealing your agricultural buildings, Lapolla will also protect against unwanted vermin and other pests.

As your building heats and cools Lapolla open cell foam is able to expand and contract with the building shell, thus preventing stress and strain on the insulation material and the building itself. Keeping your buildings in better condition, for longer.

Lapolla insulation is quick and easy, causing little disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.


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